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I was working for Deloitte, as a senior consultant, when I was asked to security test a new remote connectivity product. While testing, I realized that the inventors had done something exceptional ... they had done it right.

Most of the remote connectivity products out there today are based on some sort of a VPN technology. What that means is that companies have to spend fortunes securing the remote PC, then connection, the infrastructure, etc, etc, etc. And the products used are from different vendors, sometimes creating all sorts of problems getting these to work together. And even with all this in place, we're still a step behind the bad guys always trying to protect ourselves against the unknown.

Well, what Giritech had come up with is a whole new way of looking at remote connectivity. G/On, as the product is called, employs true two-factor authentication, and only allows the remote user access to applications, never the network. In other words, the client PC never becomes part of the corporate network, and no client software will be able to connect to an application server unless it is launched by the G/On client. Very, very cool stuff.

After testing G/On is was headhunted by Giritech and the rest is history as they say :-)

Giritech has since been acquired by Excitor A/S and later Soliton Group and is now known as Soliton Systems Europe.

Last updated: 2018-07-23